Man Music

Let’s get real: Who’s ya daddy?
“Fuck a bitch in the ass ’til her colon falls out
Rubbin’ oil all over you fat round ass
Smack it, abuse it, lick it,then pound it fast
Stick it continuously when I get in you I strenuously
Pin you to the floor and generously
Fuck your G spot rapidly, happily, dapily to the boombapity beat
The Sexorcist, the next to blitz and blow up some bitch”


Men are also the only romantics; women can’t be romantic. Don’t fool yourself. Romantic man song:

“All alone at night
I habor feelings for you
Holding my pillow tight
Sometimes I even touch myself
Imagining your pleasure baby.”

You know when your bitch is thinking about you, you are a man. Don’t fuck it up. Actually, do fuck it up. Be ruthless in your life. Picture yourself as Howl’s Moving Castle, you are moving throughout the world, on your path of manliness; bitches will try to climb you, and fall off in the process. Keep on walkin’, you mother fucking walking castle.

do you have a man ear for man music? post in comment below



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